Our Science

Partnering Opportunities

Centauri Therapeutics’ strategy is to redirect naturally occurring antibodies to target disease.  Our unique Chemistry Platform provides a flexible scaffold to enable the synthesis of specific Alphamers.  These are bifunctional molecules which present a selective cell binding moiety as well as an epitope that recruits pre-existing antibodies, resulting in cell killing.  We believe our technology is widely applicable in the treatment of life threatening infectious diseases.

Companies with an interest in accessing Centauri’s Alphamer technology or with an interest in one of our current projects, are warmly encouraged to contact us to discuss partnering opportunities.

Avvinity Therapeutics and Ongoing Collaborations        

In order to drive success in the important area of immuno-oncology, Centauri Therapeutics has established a joint venture, Avvinity Therapeutics, with Horizon Discovery in March 2016.  Avvinity combines Centauri’s Alphamer Technology with the gene editing and oncology expertise of Horizon. 

In addition to our immuno-oncology joint venture, Centauri maintains a strong network of collaborators in the areas of aptamer selection, drug discovery, chemistry and immunology.